Agenda for May 9, 2019

Agenda for May 9, 2019

1.    Call to Order and Count Members in Good Standing (MIGS)

2.    Rules of Order

3.    Questions at Meetings

4.    Financial Report by Treasurer Tim T.

5.    Financial Audit Committee Update

6.    Read 3/19 Minutes

7.    Update on Beautification Expenses – new sign lettering, landscaping

8.    Announcements

a.    Reminder about July 4th Parade

b.    Jolie requests more volunteers for YoTM and Citizen Patrol –

c.    Supporting our firefighters

d.    Steve Le’s office

e.    No April TPOA meeting, despite accusations to the contrary

                                          i.    Please fact-check all allegations before spreading them

f.     Harassment Campaign against the Board, other neighbors, and affiliates.

                                          i.    311 App – heckling/mocking, reporting TPOA/Pool signs as bandit signs

                                        ii.    Email requests from fake neighbors

                                       iii.    Demand letters

                                       iv.    Legal filings

                                        v.    TX Professional Accountancy Board

                                       vi.    TX AG

                                      vii.    Harris County DA

                                     viii.    Other

9.  New Business from MIGS

10. Election

11. Swearing in of New Officers

12. Adjourn