Site Participation Policy

Welcome!  A lot of us are pretty much over Nextdoor’s heavy-handed corporate “moderation” and the few neighbors who misuse the ‘report’ button.  Since this Admin doesn’t want to moderate, and you don’t want to be moderated, here’s the deal:

1. Please use your real first & last names AND your street in your profile, so we know who our neighbors are.  No mystery accounts, please!  This forum has been set up to be shielded from prying eyes outside of Tanglewilde, exactly like Nextdoor is.

2. Mama says to be kind-hearted, helpful, humorous, and honest!

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3. Don’t be intentionally rude or engage in personal attacks, please.

4. Do not hijack a neighbor’s thread, please.  If you simply must expound on the perils of dangerous bipeds walking through the neighborhood while wearing a backpack, then make your own thread and fire away.

5. Chill out!  ;o)  This is supposed to be fun.

6. And, last:

Always remember: Mama’s gonna give you the stink-eye if you don’t follow the rules.  Now, have fun folks!