The TPOA Election is March 7th

The TPOA Election is March 7th

The TPOA Annual Election will be on Thursday, March 7th.

Any 2018 or 2019 TPOA Member who has paid dues up to the start of the election meeting may vote (one per paid household).  A proxy form is available for Members in Good Standing (MIGS) if you can’t make the meeting.  Your proxy should also be a MIGS.

The By-laws state that all MIGS who have been members for at least a year may also run for office or ask to be appointed as a Director (one per household; 2019 dues must be paid).  However, due to a lack of interest/ability to volunteer among those who have been TPOA Members for a full year, we will be motioning at the March 7th meeting to open the field to all TPOA members who have paid their 2018 dues, even if not a full year ago.  So, if you paid your 2018 dues and would like to run, please put your hat in the ring.  The more the merrier.  Please let us know so we can notify the neighborhood.

The following positions are open at every Annual Election.  The Officers are elected, and the 12 Director positions are all appointed – 4 by the President and 8 by the entire Board.

OFFICERS – Elected by TPOA Members


  • Chairs each meeting according to the TPOA Rules of Order
  • Signs all official documents
  • Countersigns all checks, or shares this duty with the VP
  • Identifies and leads the effort to accomplish neighborhood tasks
  • Invites special speakers to TPOA meetings
  • Finds volunteers for the Board positions and c0mmittees
  • Advocates with various City and County agencies about neighborhood matters
  • Sets the schedule with the Board’s approval
  • With enough Board members and their conflicting schedules, this role resembles herding cats! ;o)

Vice President

  • Fills in as meeting Chair when the Pres. is not available
  • Countersigns all checks, or shares this duty with the Pres.
  • Shares the President’s duties as needed


  • Custodian of the Association’s funds and keeps a correct and faithful         record of all receipts and expenditures
  • Manages the bank accounts in partnership with the Pres. and/or VP.
  • Prepares and executes all checks (with counter­signature by the Pres. or VP)
  • Maintains all financial records open for inspection by any Board member or TPOA member
  • Prepares financial reports for members once a month
  • Provides all financials to the Financial Audit Committee for their oversight
  • Files a tax return/990 each year by April 15th
  • Communicates as necessary with the CPA


  • Takes minutes at each meeting
  • Posts announcements of events and meetings
  • Announces to members who the candidates will be at the upcoming election
  • Arranges for the signs to be posted around the neighborhood
  • Organizes flyer walkers to pass out announcements door-to-door
  • Maintains all records open for inspection by any officer of the Association, member of the Board, or member of the Association.
SECTION DIRECTORS – appointed by the President and TPOA Board

(If you’d like to serve and are unsure which Section you live in, you can find that information on your house closing paperwork or check this map.)

  • Connect with the neighbors in their individual sections to address their ideas, questions, and concerns
  • Help to gather volunteers in each section for various tasks, like flyer walking and special events
  • Collect neighbors’ contact info for TPOA Secretary and ask neighbors to join TPOA

Sections 1-8:

At-Large 1-4:

Committees and Upcoming Events:

Financial Audit Committee – The TPOA Bylaws task three TPOA Members who are not also on the Board with auditing the TPOA financials and reporting their findings to the TPOA Members at each Annual Meeting.  We’d like to thank Barbara L., Don D., and Debra M. for serving in this way at the March 2018 meeting.  We are looking for three TPOA member-volunteers to serve in this role.  Please contact Treasurer Viva Pennington at if you are interested.